Welcome to LAMPdirect

Welcome to Leicestershire Action for Mental health Project (LAMP) 

With over 25 years behind us, LAMP has become an integral part of the mental healthcare community in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. We specialise in providing mental health advocacy and in consultation and development for local services.  

LAMP Advocacy Services

LAMP provides independent advocacy for people who are seeking to be, or who are already, involved with mental health services. There is a specialised service for carers' of people with mental illnesses.  

With a sound understanding of mental health law, local mental health provision and NHS services, our advocates work tirelessly to ensure those experiencing mental distress in our area are able to fully achieve their legal rights.    

What do advocates do? 

Advocates empower people and help them achieve their legal rights. As advocates working within mental health, LAMP specifically works to ensure that people with mental illnesses, and their carers', achieve their rights as afforded to them in the Mental Health Act (1983) and The Care Act (2014). An advocate will help you put your wishes into words and then will help to communicate these to professionals. By working together with your advocate you will be able to have your wishes listened to and seriously considered by other professionals involved in your care.  

A typical advocacy case begins with the advocate explaining your legal rights. You will then explain the advocacy issue (why you have contacted LAMP) and a plan will be developed to remedy your issue. You and your advocate will work together to communicate your wishes and issues to professionals and ensure that the points raised are responded to.  

What else does LAMP do?

LAMP runs a dedicated service user involvement service known as The Genesis Project. This takes opinions directly from service users and uses them to influence the development of local services. Check out our new community involvement website, currently in development with an exciting launch October 2016! We'd love your feedback! 


Services and eligibility

(All our advocates are only available to individuals with mental health needs and their carers’)


Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA) (Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland)

For individuals’ subject to a section of the mental health act. People eligible for this service are most often in hospital as an in-patient. If you are eligible for this service it is a legal requirement that medical professionals involved in your care tell you so. You may refer yourself for an IMHA or ask a member of your care team to do so for you.

Care Act (Individuals living in Leicester City only)

If you have difficulty being involved in the social care process, you may be eligible for a care act advocate. You must need the advocate to ensure full participation in one of the following:

·         Needs assessment

·         Carer assessment

·         Transition assessment (young people)

·         Preparing a support / care plan

·         Reviewing a support / care plan

·         Safeguarding enquiry

·         Safeguarding reviews

Only a social care professional can refer you to LAMP for a care act advocate


Social Care (Individuals living in Leicester City only)

To be eligible for LAMP’s social care advocacy you must have mental health needs and require advocacy to enable you to become fully involved in the social care process. We can help with issues like needs assessments and support plans but not housing or benefits.


Carer’s (Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland)

To be eligible for LAMP’s carers’ advocacy you must care (any non-paid support including emotional support) for someone with mental health needs and require advocacy to help with some form of their healthcare (advocacy which involves the NHS, the person’s GP, etc.). LAMP are unable to take advocacy cases that involve social care. If you require social care advocacy you may contact CLASP The carer’s centre or AgeUK.

To access this service you may refer yourself.


Health (Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland)

For persons with mental health needs who need an advocate to advocate for them on issues surrounding their healthcare.  This is open to individuals in hospital and within the community. You may refer yourself.


Prison (Inmates of HMP Leicester only)

For inmates of HMP Leicester with mental health needs who need support to become fully involved in their social care. You can access our services through your care staff.


Peer (Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland)

For individuals in hospital who require advocacy support with ward rounds, communicating to healthcare professionals etc. Our peer advocates are all individuals who have suffered their own mental health difficulties and have experience of the hospital wards themselves. Individuals with a smaller advocacy need often find our peers to be supportive and friendly, offering a more personal service than our professional advocates who have more complex caseloads.


LAMP are monitored by the Advice Quality Standard.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               LAMP are part of the Mindful Employer Group

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